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We offer a on the vehicle Diesel Particular Filter cleaning service if the DPF is blocked with soot we can clean it and have you back on the road in 2/3 hours we perform a full diagnostic test before the DPF clean to determine the cause of the DPF blockage and have you back on the road if it is ASH in the DPF causing the problem we offer a DPF removal service were we take the DPF off and send it away to be Hydro Cleaned removing all the ash and soot we then refit the DPF.


Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) were developed to meet ongoing changes in emissions regulations and particulate filters in diesel exhausts systems are now as common as catalytic converters on petrol vehicles. This relatively new way to combat vehicle pollution has proven to be very successful in providing major reductions to diesel exhaust emissions, but, as with any new technology, sometimes there can be problems.

The harmful exhaust soot starts building up in the DPF filter and gradually increases back pressure in the exhaust system reducing performance and fuel efficiency. To keep the system, clean the vehicle will perform a passive regeneration as the car is driving. This is when the exhaust temperature rises to 600+ degrees centigrade allowing for the soot to burn off and exit the exhaust as a gas

There are many different factors that can cause a passive regeneration not to occur such as the type of fuel used (super market Diesel), Short Journeys, the type of oil used, Faulty glow plugs, Exhaust temperature sensors that can all prevent the passive regeneration process from working properly. In these cases, the car will lose performance and most likely a warning sign will illuminate on the dashboard to alert the driver of a problem. On some makes of car the car will switch into 'limp mode' which will restrict performance to prevent any other damage until the fault is rectified.

DPF systems are very expensive costing on average between £800 to £2,800 to replace the diesel particulate filter

Because of problems with DPF systems we have a unique solution to clean blocked Diesel Particulate Filters on the vehicle without removing them we also have a preventative maintenance option to help keep your car running smoothly.

DPF Preventative Clean

to clean the DPF and keep you on the road we perform a diagnostic test both electrical via the OBD2 port and a manual test to identify that the DPF is starting to get blocked with soot if you notice a gradual decrease in performance of a change in your exhaust note then we advise that you have it checked before it blocks.

Then use of the maintenance service once a Year should help to keep the DPF clear of a soot build up.

DPF Cleaning after it has blocked

For filters completely blocked

If it has got to the stage where the filter is completely blocked and a passive regeneration is no longer an option and a forced regeneration will not work or only works temporarily then a full DPF clean is the only option, Before we rush into just cleaning the Diesel Particular Filter we perform a Full Diagnostic test  both electrical via the OBD2 port and a manual test to determine the cause of the blockage whether it be a faulty part or  just short journeys, We then determine weather it is Soot or Ash that is causing the problem.

Once we have determined if it is Ash or Soot in the DPF we take the following steps


Rather than changing the DPF which will be costly we can inject a special cleaning solution in the DPF to clean out the soot build up, we also replace any faulty parts like Glow Plugs, Temperature sensors, Pressure sensors


Rather than changing the DPF which will be costly we offer a DPF removal service where we take the DPF off the Vehicle and we then send it off to be hydro cleaned and baked this is the only true way to remove ash from a Diesel Particulate Filter do not believe anyone if they tell you a chemical can clean it as it can not

The DPF clean has been performed on a large range of vehicles to confirm that it is suitable for all diesel engines from cars to lorries

As our DPF Clean clears out the DPF it makes the car run much smoother so you will feel a difference in the way it runs and drives if it was heavily clogged up it will improve the car fuel economy as well.

Any diesel car can be susceptible to the DPF having a build-up of soot, especially those mainly driven around town on short or low speed journeys. So to avoid expensive repairs bills and keep the car running smoothly and more efficiently call us and book in for a DPF Preventative clean

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